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Membership benefits offered by Telugu associations in the USA contribute to members’ well-being, personal growth, cultural preservation, and community integration.

Membership Benefits

Free entry to following events

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Life Membership ( $ 500 )
Annual Membership-2023 ( $ 350 )

How to Pay for Membership

Please make checks payable to "TTS" Mailing Address : "123 Main Street, Sand Canyon Ave., TN 37067, Ph: (123) 522-1103"

Advantages of being a TTS Member

TTS membership provides opportunities for professional development and training, which can enhance your skills and give you a competitive edge in your career. Finally, being a TTS member also means that you will be part of a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for the transportation industry.

How it helps the community

Membership in a Telugu association helps the community by supporting community development, preserving and promoting culture, providing educational opportunities, offering community services, advocating for community interests, and facilitating networking and support among members.